The Neckbeard of Death: Shiro Ishii and the Death Labs of Unit 731 / by 49 Actual

The fellow knew that it was over for him, and so he didn’t struggle when they led him into the room and tied him down,” recalled the 72-year-old farmer, then a medical assistant in a Japanese Army unit in China in World War II. “But when I picked up the scalpel, that’s when he began screaming.

”I cut him open from the chest to the stomach, and he screamed terribly, and his face was all twisted in agony. He made this unimaginable sound, he was screaming so horribly. But then finally he stopped. This was all in a day’s work for the surgeons, but it really left an impression on me because it was my first time.”
— New York Times Interview with Unit 731 medical assistant

As I’ve stated in a previous writing about the war crimes committed in Nanking in the early 20th century, Japan’s brutal fuckery around the time of World War 2 seems to be glossed over in comparison to all the press the Germans received over their internment camps.  I personally think the human brain can only process one massive Exterminatus at a time and when folks read about Nazis sticking people into giant EZ Bake Ovens and running up massive gas bills in the process, their brains shut down just to deal with that information. 


They weren’t paying attention to the fact that a Japanese doctor was doing his best to concoct the ultimate biological weapon and testing it out on the population surrounding his labs, killing hundreds of thousands like some psycho warlock with a murderboner.  Or was it that a particular nation decided to cover this man’s actions up because he offered them something they couldn’t refuse?  OoOoOO, get your fucking conspiracy helmets on, boys!  Well, not really, this article isn’t going that deep due to time constraints but holy shit, anyone with a black/white/no grey sense of justice is going to hate reading this story.  Enough introductory bullshit; this is the story of Shiro Ishii and the death labs of Unit 731.  I was going to title this the “Asian Auschwitz” but some dude already took that idea. Then I thought about “Angel of Death” but the fucking guy looks more like the “Neckbeard of Death” or some shit…. that’s it!  Neckbeard of Death!  Yes! 



Shiro Ishii was born in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, on 25 June 1892. There isn’t a hell of a lot on the guy prior to his commissioning into the Imperial Japanese Army in 1921 as a surgeon.  However, from the look of the guy in his picture, I’m willing to wager he wasn’t the biggest hit with the ladies and probably spent a lot of time jerking off into the socks he found after being stuffed into a locker by the aikido team in high school.


But it was all good because Shiro didn’t need people for friendships and all that lame shit: he had bacteria!  While he was living his best nerd life in college, his peers would note that he would refer to the bacteria he grew in his petri dishes as “pets” rather than just the furry booger critters that they were.  Shiro probably thought that by referring to the bacteria as a pet, he would get the women in his class to have the same reaction as women who see a man on the beach with a puppy: gushing fucking wet and wanting his “short sword” thrusted vigorously into their sheath to receive his massive samurai spirit!  But, nah, the girls just stuff that bitch in a locker and went out to get their pussies pounded by the kendo team! 

All jokes aside, Ishii knew his shit when it came to viruses and bacteria and was a surgeon captain by 1925.  A few years later, he noticed that all the other big boy nations had chemical and biological weapon programs and Japan was severely lacking in comparison.  So, in 1928, he took a trip over to the West side of the world and conducted heavy research into biological and chemical warfare.   His research would impress his superiors so much that promotions would rain down upon him and he could finally replace that sock he found in high school all those years ago with a latex human doll or something (that’s actually a thing in modern Japan, hilariously)!  I bet those hoes that were rubbing their vaginas on the rich samurai sons with the 6 packs and great hair were regretting passing him over now!


Prelude to Destruction


By 1932, the IJA (Imperial Japanese Army…I’m not writing that shit out all the time from here on) manage to arrange a way to invade Manchuria, China.  They blew up their own train track (like barely, because they didn’t want to actually repair it later), accused the Chinese of doing it, said, “fuck it, yolo-banzai,” and just invaded Manchuria.  I shit you not; they false flagged it the hell up!  This turned out to be perfect for Ishii because he was tasked with coming up with biological weapons for Japan at this point but he didn’t have a place he could do it in Tokyo without getting in trouble.  Conducting human experiments on Japanese citizens would be highly frowned upon but on the Chinese…well, I’m guessing the government’s unofficial stance on them was, “fuck ‘em.” 


He started his experiments in a prison camp called Zhongma.  The shit that went down on the inside was kept so secret that construction workers were allegedly shot after their work was completed to keep it all hushed.   The Kenpeitai, the Japanese military police (and secret police), kept the doctor supplied with prisoners.  These people varied from the common criminal to just whomever the government thought was talking too much shit that day. 


The prisoners were fed meat and rice and a couple shots of sake but this wasn’t done out of pity for what was to occur; They just wanted the subject healthy for better test results.  When the testing began, subjects were drained of their blood over the course of days and their deteriorating physical condition was noted.  They were deprived of food and water and injected with plague bacteria and other micro-critters.  In one case, a subject developed a fever of 104 degrees, which the doctors thought it would be metal as fuck to see what a fever looks like on the inside of a person’s body while they were still alive.  So, while the guy was unconscious, they performed a vivisection (for the ignorant, they cut him open), likely without anesthesia so it wouldn’t have an effect on what they wished to observe.  Life expectancy at the camp was roughly a month and if a subject survived an experiment but lacked the fortitude to continue in his great sacrifice for the Emperor, they were executed.  What?  You actually thought they would just let them go?  C’mon, bruh.


Fortunately, this camp had at least one hard-fuck that wasn’t about that lab-rat life.  A Mr. Li managed to kick his guard’s ass, snatched the keys and started a damn riot/escape.  40 inmates were set free and while many were shot or recaptured, a few got away and started snitching their asses off about the fuckfest that was Zhongma.  Not wanting prying eyes looking into the camp, the IJA shut the camp down and Shiro’s operation was upgraded to a swank new site in PingFang, China.  As a cover to the public, the site was officially called the Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification Department of the Kwantung Army.  But to the Kenpeitai and Shiro Ishii, it was Unit 731. 


Unit 731

Unit 731.jpg


Ok, kids, this is where we start to go all grim-dark so grab your balls or ovaries and let’s roll.  Once established in his new area, Ishii and his staff hit the ground running looking for subjects in the local Chinese population for his plague experiments.  The code name among the staff for the people taken was “Maruta, “meaning “log” in Japanese.  This is thought to have originated as a joke among staff (“Haha! Look, Yamamoto!  This Chinese guy so stiff…like log!  Hahah!  I call him Log-boy!  Haha! I so funny!  Haha!).  Yes, I made him sound like a fucked up Speed Racer.  It’ll be ok.


 However, the program was called “Holzklotz,” which is a German word for log so it wasn’t just two dumbass nerds that came up with maruta as a joke.  It was a whole government of dumbass pseudo-samurai nerds.  It should also be noted that whenever Ishii wrote about his results in peer reviewed journals, he obviously omitted that his work was conducted on humans and opted to refer to his subjects as non-human primates called “Manchurian monkey.”  Oh ha ha, Ishii, you so clever!  This fuckin’ guy…anyway, moving on.

Men, women and children were arrested by the Kenpeitai or kidnapped off the street and brought to Unit 731.  As a lot of crazy happened once they entered the building, I’m going to break it down.


Forced Pregnancy



Female inmates were raped and forced to become pregnant to test the possibility of vertical transmission of diseases from mother to child.  They were fond of using syphilis in these scenarios so if the mother was not previously infected with the 4disease, they’d be sure to hook her up with a free hit of the Pox by forcing an infected patient to have sex with her.

Infection of venereal disease by injection was abandoned, and the researchers started forcing the prisoners into sexual acts with each other. Four or five unit members, dressed in white laboratory clothing completely covering the body with only eyes and mouth visible, handled the tests. A male and female, one infected with syphilis, would be brought together in a cell and forced into sex with each other. It was made clear that anyone resisting would be shot."

Congenital syphilis

Congenital syphilis

 Damage to the mother’s organs and the fetus’s survival rate was a point of interest to the researchers but trust me, they didn’t really care about the baby after the testing was completed.  Many babies were born in Unit 731 and children were tested on as there are stories of 7-year-old Russian children (it wasn’t just the Chinese in there) in the compound for experiments but as there were no survivors of Unit 731, the kids were either aborted or killed sometime later. 


As for the mothers, they would just patch them up and use them again for other experiments or just do what the Japanese did in Nanking:

"One of the former researchers I located told me that one day he had a human experiment scheduled, but there was still time to kill. So he and another unit member took the keys to the cells and opened one that housed a Chinese woman. One of the unit members raped her; the other member took the keys and opened another cell. There was a Chinese woman in there who had been used in a frostbite experiment. She had several fingers missing and her bones were black, with gangrene set in. He was about to rape her anyway, then he saw that her sex organ was festering, with pus oozing to the surface. He gave up the idea, left and locked the door, then later went on to his experimental work."

She’s missing fingers and her bones were black but the pus oozing from her vagina is what gave the guy pause?  Oh, I forgot!  The guards apparently called the genitals of the female prisoners “jam filled buns.”  I’m a fucked up person but goddamn, that brutal.  The Enola Gay is my screen wallpaper for a fucking month after reading that and I hope some of these fuckers got a face-full of her payload.


If they had no other use for the women, they were vivisected at various stages of infection so they could see the damage syphilis does to the internal organs as it progresses in severity.  Sometimes, they just let the syphilis go on as to determine how effective treatment was over time.  I’m not sure why but the Tuskegee syphilis experiment comes to mind thinking of that.  If you don’t know what that was, the loose gist of it is that doctors told Black guys they didn’t have syphilis or it was treated and they weren’t treating a fucking thing; they just observed.  Very fucked up but that’s a tale for another day.

Weapon Testing

 Thankfully, we men have glorious male privilege so Ishii’s staff would typically only use them once and kill them off.  So, I mean, that’s something, right?  If you had to die and were given the pick, I’d say weapon testing was a quick and metal as fuck way to go!  Rotting in a cell with cancer of the bubonic diabetes?  Fuck that!  Just get tied to a stake and have dudes toss grenades at you to test out shrapnel patterns and impact damage.  I’m not kidding about that; it happened.  They would also drop chemical weapons and virus bombs on subjects like they were Horus from Warhammer 40k clearing a goddamn planet clean of life just because the color didn’t match his eyes.  Flamethrowers, new bullets, samurai swords…hey, they needed to know that shit would work before they sent it into operation in the army and someone had to test it.  It just wasn’t going to be the Japanese so they “volunteered” some poor peasant for the job.

Close enough…

Close enough…



I’m not sure what’s complicated about frostbite. Toes freeze, lose toe. Hand freezes, lose hand. I feel like they just conducted these experiments to just to up their cunt levels to over 9000. Maybe they figured they would have to fight Russia one day and winter would be a great time to do it. Yea, no one has ever thought of doing that! The Russians would never see it coming!


One of the docs, Yoshimura Hisato, would escort subjects outside, put their hands, feet, legs, dicks (probably), and whatever he could find that dangled on the human body in freezing water and allowed the appendage to freeze.  Then the following would occur:

Once frozen, which testimony from a Japanese officer said "was determined after the 'frozen arms, when struck with a short stick, emitted a sound resembling that which a board gives when it is struck'", ice was chipped away and the area doused in water. The effects of different water temperatures were tested by bludgeoning the victim to determine if any areas were still frozen.

Fingers would be broken off and, if I recall, even frozen flesh pulled off the bone of living victims.  That last part could have just been a bit of additional movie drama added to a film I saw on the topic but I would not put it pass this group of psycho scientist. 



Disease and Population Infection



The core of Ishii’s work was to create a super plague to use against Japan’s enemies so, all other bullshit aside, infecting his test subjects, watching them die, and trying to find way to speed that shit up was his bread and butter.  Ishii had his crew breed fleas carrying strains of bubonic plague, place them in baskets and have low flying planes dump them on nearby villages.  He later upgraded this delivery method to placing fleas in ceramic “bombs” that would break on impact and not kill the fleas as an explosion would do, obviously.  Within days, infections and deaths would occur and Ishii’s men would show up in hazmat suits and observe the chaos. 

The photos below are modern victims of the anthrax, bubonic plague, and cholera. It’s one thing for me to say someone was infected with a disease. It’s another thing to see it and know what it does to the body.

They would infect food and other supplies with cholera and place anthrax on candy and give it to the local children.  Hell, they even gave motherfuckers Tularemia or rabbit fever and that disease appears to be rare as fuck and mainly located in North America. So did he have that shit ordered by mail or something? I don’t fucking know but if it made your eyes bleed and violently squirt out of your anus, Shiro Ishii was more than happy to give it to you!

 I’m going to cut it off at that for now and have the rest up either tomorrow or the day after as shit is about to go down the “cover up” rabbit hole with some big time American names in Part two’s conclusion. 


Anyway, fuck you, pay me. I’m out for now.

Update 28 Dec 2018

I’ve decided to just “spoil” the ending to this story in the shortest way possible. At the end of the war, Shiro Ishii dodges war crime charges because he has super cool biological research that makes MacArthur’s boner hard as fuck. So the US gives the guy immunity from prosecution in exchange for his research and he goes on to live a normal life until he dies from throat cancer at the age of 67. So, if you were hoping for some kind of retribution or justice in this story, nope!

My original plan was to go into why the US would pass out immunity to that neckbeard and it would bring in talking about the Japanese emperor’s immunity, MacArthur’s reasons, and all the other crap involved with the end of World War II. But I realized that would better serve as a separate topic for another day and I’d like to be more in depth with it. I’ll cover Hirohito and MacArthur eventually.


Shiro Ishii

Unit 731

New York Times